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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Filling up your love tank

What is your love language?  Mine is quality time, and affirmation.  Sit with me, listen while I talk, and let me know I'm loved.    Never fail, I have 40 000 words to get out and I need a very patient ear!  My parents are the best, they listen .... and listen.... and listen.  I always know when I've started to talk too much because after I take a breath between word 29 999 and 30 000 they start to laugh.  But they still keep listening.  I know I'm loved and they are so good at showing it.  When I look at my own children I can share with you what each of their love languages are.  I make sure that I fill that love tank right up atleast once a day.  

Fill up the love tank of a loved one.  Take time to notice how they wish to be loved.  

The following are a list of the 5 love languages.

"The first love language listed is words of affirmation. The language we hear, be it positive affirming words or negative language and feedback, drastically effects our developing personalities and therefore our behaviors.

The second love language listed is gifts: "A gift is a tangible object that says, 'I was thinking about you. I wanted you to have this. I love you.' . . . A gift by its very nature is not payment for services rendered. When a dating partner says, 'I will give you . . if you will . .' the partner is not offering a gift, nor is he expressing love. The person is simply striking a deal."
The third love language the book lists is acts of service. For instance, "I know he loves me because he always checks my car over before I leave on a business trip. He checks the oil, the tires, and makes sure I have windshield washer fluid, etc."
The next love language is quality time. This love language is about the experiences we share with our loved ones. How do you spend your time together? Quality time does not involve you in one room surfing the internet while he is in the other room watching ESPN!
The final love language is physical touch. The book states, "Numerous research projects in the area of child development have come to the same conclusion: Babies who are held, hugged, and touched tenderly develop a healthier emotional life than those who are left for long periods of time without physical contact. . ."Almost instinctively in a time of crisis we hug one another. Why? Because physical touch is a powerful communicator of love."
         A discussion from ...
A discussion of Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages 

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